In January 2018, as a result of their complaints of pain and discomfort, Jan and Gary of Melbourne, Florida were referred to a non-prescription, plant based product by their primary care MD. Both began trying it. It's a natural plant which has been used as a medicine by indigenous people worldwide for a very long time. The product is cannabidiol (CBD). The compound is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that is legal in all 50 states as a result of the 2018 US Farm Bill, and in Canada as well.

Jan and Gary immediately started sharing their story with their friends and neighbors because of the health improvements they personally experienced. Jan had arm difficulties with loss of range-of-motion, and back pain for the past two years. These non-prescription products have caused her problems to go away. She also noticed a distinct feeling of well-being and "balance" known as homeostasis. That's where the immune system is working as it should. Gary had to quit playing ping pong and pickleball in August of 2017 because of the burcitis (inflamation) pain in his right arm and shoulder. He switched his car keys to his left pants pocket because it was too painful to use his right arm to get the keys out of his right pocket. Now Gary is playing ping pong again and they are both feeling great. Gary's keys are back in his right pocket.

Since that happened to them, with some other follow-on benefits they weren't expecting, they started helping others overcome health issue problems by distributing Akash CBD products and supplying the products to those friends and neighbors. Now they have many success stories from friends as well as their own! More and more people are experiencing the benefits of using these products as a natural solution to aid in personal health, and even to the reduction and/or elimination of pharmaceutical synthetic drugs with the terrible side effects that sometimes accompany their repeated use. Here's the surprising part: Jan and Gary have talked with a few people who are suffering with pain or discomfort, but are immediately not interested because they associate all cannabis with a misconception learned from those who have abused the "other part" of the plant. Cannabidiol is the medicinal side of the plant with many major benefits, and without any of the negative psychoactive down-sides.

Quantum Results Network (QRN) is a distributor of Akash CBD products. We are not an MLM (Multi-Level/Network/Referral Marketing company); QRN is an on-line internet business. We keep the overhead intentionally low using competitive pricing with discounts and referral benefits so we can ship for free within the continental USA. Elsewhere in our site, you will see why the Akash CBD products grown and produced in Colorado are the highest quality available.

More recently we have several CBD products for animals that you will find on our Products page. We are delighted to be able to offer the same benefits for our animal friends that we have for our human friends.