and Coronavirus

For at least 5000 years, CBD has been used by many cultures world-wide as a natural source to assist in maintaining a healthy body and in dealing with health issues. There are two prominent I words found in the benefits provided by CBD: Fighting INFLAMMATION and the IMMUNE System.

INFLAMMATION. Our company was created because Gary used CBD capsules, CBD oil (tincture), and CBD salve from the same source that was recommended by his primary care M.D. to solve a bursitis (also known as bursa inflammation) issue. He quit playing pickleball and table tennis because of the pain in his right arm and shoulder. He needed to put his car keys in his left pants pocket because use of his right pocket was too painful when lifting his arm. After two months of continual CBD use, his right arm and shoulder functioned like his left. A natural solution not synthetic. Somewhat amazing, really. Friends, neighbors, and relatives noticed. They wanted to try CBD. A business was started, and Gary is back to playing table tennis regularly, never thinking, unless asked, about the no-longer present pain. The pain has never returned; (Gary has never stopped consuming CBD.)

IMMUNE SYSTEM. As we use all the physically preventive measures available to us today to avoid contact with Covid-19, improving our immune system is also high on the list. CBD is well known to improve the ability for the body to fight infections and ward off invading diseases. A natural solution. Ideal.

One critical element to all this is the sournce of the products. It's an unregulated industry thus far. You can imagine what some growers and producers are doing. Our source has planned and is ready for FDA requirements and approval.