If it seems to you like almost everyone is going one way and you seem to be going the other, it can be the same for doctors and other medical folks today.

Many medical science practitioners understand the medicinal benefits of cannabis and often suggest CBD. We are seeing a cannabis information explosion in 2020 and 2021, and most of the medical specialists as well as us ordinary folks will recognize the benefits eventually. Change comes very slowly. If your doctor is against CBD, or is at least not positive about the use of CBD, don't be down on your doctor. Your doctor is likely on the conservative side of medicine and there are reasons for that. Because cannabis has been illegal for many years, there has been little research and thus very little literature for the doctor to lean on. As an aside, you already know that Big Pharma is not interested in the use of any natural products to treat illnesses.

Another aspect of medical practitioners: control. When your doctor is trying to determine the best direction to use to conquer an illness, he/she wants to eliminate all other outside products that you are using. Your practitioner would really prefer for you to be in a sterile room, and control or eliminate everything coming in the door that you consume, including food. Medicinal hemp is a natural plant and the way Akash CBD products are manufactured using low-heat to retain all the valuable components, the end CBD product is in effect a natural food source for your body. However, CBD is a product your doctor has no control over, and may request that you not use it. It would certainly be unfortunate if the CBD could provide major benefits to you, but your doctor forbids a high-quality CBD because of a lack of clinical and laboratory research thus far.

Now that the door is open for medicinal hemp, there are many research teams working to further identify aspects of CBD and supply clinical trial data. Check out our VIDEOS/DOCUMENTS button in our main Menu. In addition. the FDA is very aware of the CBD explosion and is expected to be involved with regulating CBD sometime in the near future. Our Colorado source is already prepared for FDA regulation and is looking forward to it.

The situation is improving, day by day.