Is CBD Hallucinogenic?

Akash CBD products are NOT. Our products have zero THC. That means NONE. Companies can claim that they have no THC if their product has 0.3% THC or less. Since companies that use the 0.3% rule as a maximum do have a small quantity of THC present in their products, an employee drug test can show positive even with a minute quantity of THC. Our products have received a "Certificate of Free Sale" from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. This means the products have been state certified as 0.0% THC. We have a copy of that Colorado Certificate in our files.

A second major question as important as the first: will CBD work properly if it contains NO THC? The answer: The extent of contribution of THC towards the entourage effect from a broad-spectrum oil has been misunderstood. Since THC is the only psychoactive molecule in hemp oil, its effects have been generally confused as the cause of the relief as opposed to correlated with it. In a CBD:THC mix, the medicinal effects observed in most cases are similar if THC were to be removed, except measuring it is difficult because of the psychoactivity that confounds the measurement and analysis of relief/benefit. Dedicated studies based on CBD without THC have shown that it is not necessary for THC to be in the hemp oil as the relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, and nausea can be brought upon by CBD alone working synergistically with the other components: CBG, CBN, CBC, as well as terpenes, anti-oxidents, flavonoids, and essential amino acids from broad-spectrum plants. All of those components are in AkashCBD products.

Our THC-free hemp oil and finished products are based on the scientific belief that clinical effects are solely due to CBD and terpenes in its broad-spectrum oil. The impact on patients and consumers is superior compared to THC-containing oil because it avoids the adverse effects and undesirable outcomes typically associated with THC. The THC-free products can be used without fear of getting high, and across pets, kids, older adults, and various consumer segments wanting to avoid the ‘drug-like effects’ of THC. More and more studies are in process today to determine the specifics of CBD and it's effects.