Thousands of companies, many thousands of CBD products! For many people, it's very confusing.

However, all you need to know about Akash CBD is:

We're a Florida company shipping nationally from our inventory 6 days a week
We have a set of excellent high-quality CBD broad-spectrum products
CBD concepts: Fighting inflammation, and improving the immune system
The products have 0.0% THC resulting from a high-quality two-step process
We used an employer THC/Marijuana Drug Testing Kit - Results: Negative
The CBD is extracted using a low-heat and continual processing method
Other cannabinoids CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenes, and flavonoids are retained
We are not an MLM (Multi-level Marketing or "pyramid") company
The products are reasonably priced, and discounted if you order regularly
We have wholesale arrangements for resellers and healthcare practitioners
The products are shipped to you for free within the continental USA
The products have worked amazingly well for many health issues

That's it.

All of the rest of the buttons on this website go on to explain and document the above twelve statements. We provide a lot of information for those who have many questions, and a Menu where you can easily get to many answers. If in your opinion this website appears to have TMI (too much information), you can go directly to the products, or you may return to the front page.

Thanks for visiting.