On September 29, 2019, CNN had a special on CBD. Those putting the story together, and their spokesperson, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, made two misstatements that were obvious to us. Much of what they presented was true as we see it, but they also said that all CBD has some THC in it. They didn't know that the State of Colorado has certified that our products are 0.0% THC. CNN assumed that since the federal regulations state that as long as a product has 0.3% or less, it qualifies as zero, and therefore all companies use that 0.3% limit in their production. Not true. We don't. They went on to say that people will test positive on a drug test with all CBD products because there is a minute quantity of THC in it. That isn't true either for the same reason. Gary tested negative on our products with a drug test because the products are 0.0% THC.

The second misstatement was regarding the fellow who bought "CBD" at a gas station and had a violent reaction. See the picture on the right. When an analysis was done on the CBD product he used, it was found to have no CBD present. They went on to say that it was "tainted" CBD. That is misrepresenting the product in question and CBD in general. Since it didn't have any CBD in it, they should have labeled it "tainted supplements."

A third comment: CNN and a spokesperson from Consumer Reports said that sometimes CBD works, and sometimes it doesn't. We have certainly found that to be true, and at this point, medical science can't explain that very well. It worked for both Gary and Jan amazingly well, and at this juncture, we have seen CBD be quite beneficial to hundreds of people. We have also seen it apparently do nothing for some people. We believe it could be beneficial to many who have reported nothing, but it wasn't physically obvious to them. That's why we suggest trying it to see what happens.

Fourth, and lastly, they suggested that people should only buy from companies that create Certificates of Analysis in their manufacturing process. We certainly agree. We have a COA from each batch of CBD used to make each run of products. We have those COAs in our files.

Then, we have information and a link to Consumer Reports. CR is rightly concerned about the lack of standardization of CBD products. Our CBD products have 0.0% THC as certified by the State of Colorado, seen elsewhere in this website. That means AkashCBD products contain no detectable THC and thus (according to the 2018 US Farm Bill) are not the same as marijuana. Hemp without THC is legal in all states, and marijuana is still considered a Schedule I Controlled Substance in the USA at the Federal level. Almost all companies are not 0.0% THC. Since the current law allows for a CBD product to be legal and thus be labled as "zero THC," as long as the THC content is 0.3% or less, most companies are attempting to be within that range. As Consumer Reports points out, there is a lack of truth in labeling. They tested some CBD products and found THC in much greater quantities than what was stated on the label. In one case, the company said zero THC and that wasn't true at all. That's why we are so strong on that point. C.R. also went on to say that some CBD products that they tested had no CBD in them. Here is the Consumer Reports information: