As an example, recently a large CBD producer was raided and then put out of business because they were advertising organic/natural CBD and they were actually using only synthetic CBD. They were also found to have Fentanyl in their products.

Several months ago, one Colorado company got the bright idea of buying CBD products currently available, one product from each of quite a few different store shelves in the Denver, Colorado area. They took the products back to their lab and ran them through the same tests they use for their own products. Interestingly enough, most of the products they purchased contained less compound strength than what was stated on their label. On one end of the spectrum, the contents from several companies completely agreed with their label, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, three of the companies had no detectable CBD in their product. They didn't test for herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. Only for CBD.

Consumer Reports is also addressing the problem. In a CR article and in a recent CNN production, CR analyzed a number of CBD products and found some of them without CBD present, and some with THC well over the 0.3% limit.

Another example of problems with quality - a lengthy article warning about BUYING CBD PRODUCTS FROM AMAZON or, for that matter, any undocumented source such as kiosks at malls, automotive service stations, etc. Here is the article from No CBD from Amazon!

The other equally important question is: how did the company extract the CBD? If they used high heat and boiling as many do, it greatly affects the product outcome. Yes, CBD may be present, but what else is in the end result that shouldn't be there? And what's missing that should be present but was boiled out in the process?

Who can you believe? You can read, discuss, compare, but like other important decisions in your life, use your own discernment. Which choice seems right to you?