An Explanation Of Pricing

CBD products are available on-line direct from dealers, on-line at large "retailers" like Amazon, from Kiosks at malls, from health food stores, from health care professionals, from drug stores, and even from gas stations. The prices vary immensely. Quality and price with CBD products don't necessarily follow the usual rules. Many folks have the idea (from experience) that the more a product costs, the higher the quality and the better it is. In this exploding market, that idea can be misleading! We constantly hear stories of a 30ml bottle of 500 mg CBD oil which was purchased for $140 a bottle, or $195 a bottle, etc. There can be reasons why the price is that costly: too many "middlemen," all of whom want a significant markup. It could be that they have a high overhead. Another realistic possibility is psychology: a high price is supposed to indicate high quality and the product will thus work better than lower priced products. A fourth reason could be: "make hay while the sun shines," and while the consumers and patients are not well-educated on CBD (so far) and have little experience with CBD products.

Akash CBD products are priced somewhere in the middle of the road, but the quality is the highest available and the products work better than any others. We don't say that lightly. You will see in your reading on this website why that is the case.

Just one more thing: pricing vs potency. Let's talk about the 500 mg strength, use our capsule as an example and compare. Elsewhere, you will see that because of our patent pending process, our oil droplet size is an average of 25 nm or so. That's 25 billionths of a meter. Many other companies are typically somewhere between 100 and 1000 nm. Remember how well oil and water mix? When droplet size is reduced to around 25 nm, the oil and water stay in suspension, together. When droplet sizes are larger, the oil and water tend to separate, just like you would think, and the product becomes less effective. Scientists have calculated that the droplet size in our capsules works 4 to 5 times better than the larger oil droplets with other companies. Therefore, if our products seem to be "less potent" according to the number on the label, but works 4 to 5 times better, the decision is an easier one. We also have the tincture in 1000mg and 1500mg strength if desired.

Because Akash CBD products work so well, we could charge quite a bit more. We don't.