CBD Technology - The Process

The Proprietary, Patent-Pending extraction process allows the COMPLETE REMOVAL of the remaining 0.2% THC without damaging, disturbing, or diluting the naturally synergistic compounds found in the plants which means that NONE of the THERAPEUTIC QUALITIES of the plant have been DIMINISHED. This process ensures that the products contain the synergistic compounds necessary to produce the entourage effect which contributes directly to the efficacy of the CBD oil. Extraction methods maintain the broad plant profile to ensure our customers receive a broad-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids from the natural plant. Cold, enclosed, and continuous manufacturing processes prevents the degradation of natural molecules during extraction and purification. The testing is done in-house and verified through independent, third-party labs using HPLC testing methods, with certificates of analysis and potency reports. GMP practices are maintained throughout the supply chain, with a dedication to transparency to the end users.