Employer Mandatory DRUG TEST

CBD consumers are often concerned about a possible "DRUG TEST" as a result of their employment.

Every day, Gary takes one Akash CBD capsule each morning and uses one dose of tincture at night. That morning, he bought a test kit at a nearby Walgreens. He used one heavy squirt of the CBD tincture in addition to the usual one capsule morning dose, waited about an hour, and used the test kit. The results are in the two pictures below. The kit said that even if the "T" line was a very faint red, that meant negative. That red line is very faintly visible. Then as a part of the $19.95 price, the specimen can be sent in to the THC kit company lab (Phamatech Laboratories) in San Diego for a confirmation of the test. He did that. Several days later, he checked on line on their website and the result is in the second picture. Negative.

Because the federal requirement on CBD products today states that if the product is 0.3% or less THC, it can be considered zero. However, a marijuana test kit could show positive if there is any THC at all in the specimen. This was verified recently by a CNN Special where they made that statement, and a representative from Consumer Reports also agreed. With Akash CBD products, it's 0.0% THC as certified by the State of Colorado (the document is in our files).

If you have used another company's CBD product with 0.3% THC, what are the chances that you will be able to test negative in a surprise drug test? And as the Consumer Reports article (elsewhere in this website) showed, some companies' products with 0.3% THC on their labels actually contained a lot more THC than they stated. That's an automatic drug-test failure in the making.