Sharing the Akash CBD Products Story

First, we were very happy with the health improvements we experienced. Then we told others. We are currently gathering stories from a number of those whose lives were touched by sharing our health story and others in our extended health care family sharing their stories. We are doing recordings so you will be able to hear the voices of those who have experienced health benefits. Would you like to have your story included?

The most surprising thing about all of this is that the results differ from person to person. Because a major improvement reported is the reduction of inflamation, that's an often cited positive result. Improvements with migraines, arthritis, psoriasis, neuropathy, and osteroporosis are often mentioned.

When we first started AkashCBD, we didn't envision a large organization. At the time, we saw it as a way to help friends with health issues. Period. Now we have grown a lot larger, and the best part is when someone wants to try a CBD product to improve an issue they have, or they have experienced little or no success with a CBD product in the past and want to try one more time with a high quality product. Then when we talk a few days into their experiment and find that they are delighted and it works for them, we feel that's our reward for helping.

Not everyone experiences changes right away. No doubt everyone is benefitting with increased nutrition to their CB1 and CB2 receptors, but if something doesn't happen in three days, some feel it isn't working. It is necessary to keep going. After two or three days, a change was noticable in Gary's arm and shoulder, but the pain and discomfort were not gone. It took two months for the pain to leave completely and allow him to play ping pong again without pain, and have his right arm function as well as his left arm. Pharmaceutical products usually work quickly. They are chemicals. Akash CBD products usually work more slowly because they are completely natural. They are like food... nutrition to the body. It may be necessary to continue a while for a good test.

Sooooo, check back here from time to time. Let's see how quickly we can get some recordings on-line and let you have the fun of listening to those who were surprised as to how well Akash CBD products worked.

And now, back to the future.....