Vertical Integration - from the Farm to the Finished Product

Every aspect of the supply chain is controlled. From farming, to extraction and purification, to product manufacturing, on-site laboratory testing, and CBD distribution. Complete vertical integration ensures the highest quality control for all of the hemp CBD products.

Akash CBD products contain Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil Extract. Many CBD oil products currently in the market are simply cannabidiol isolate suspended in hemp oil, or other carriers. We use no isolates, no diluting of the product with solvents or chemicals. A “patent pending” extraction method is used to produce the products. Akash CBD products are unique in that they offer cannabidiol in addition to a full range of cannabis molecules that work synergistically with CBD to offer the broad spectrum of potential health benefits attributed to medical marijuana, with ZERO percent psychoactive THC. This guarantees our customers a consistent, pure and superior premium product.