Buying Akash CBD Products at a Discount

Our goal is to assist as many people as we can to improve their health. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us. There are some choices available.

We have a retail price, and a "Secret Agent" price.
Retail, we ship for free anywhere in the continental US.
The "Secret Agent" price is a 20% discount with free shipping. Click the "Secret.Agent" button on the Products page.

And we have other options. If you are interesting in purchasing Akash CBD products as a re-seller or a healthcare practitioner, we would like to discuss the options with you. You may wish to stock an inventory, or not.

You also need to know up front that you may have 100 to 1000 competitors in your nearby vicinity. Really. They're everywhere. (Elsewhere on this website, there is a picture of a gas station near Orlando selling CBD.) Even though everyone will say their products are the best in the market, we can easily show you why our products are excellent. You can come out the winner in the competition, but it is based on knowledge, truth, and clearing up incorrect assumptions on the part of the consumers. It is somewhat amazing that many people assume that all CBD products are the same. It turns out that companies create products known as distillates, products known as isolates, and products using the Rick Simpson boiling method. All these use procedures of high-heat extraction to produce the CBD. The percentage concentrations of CBD can be very high, but that only tells part of the story. The high heat can reduce or marginalize the effect of the broad-spectrum plant and the entourage effect. Education is the key to having a full understanding of the CBD products, processes, and industry.

Quantum Results Network is a distributor of Akash CBD products. We are not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing - also known as Referral or Network Marketing in order to disguise the original term); our company is an on-line internet business. We keep the overhead intentionally low and we use competitive pricing with discounts and promotions.

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